Oil & Acrylic Paintings

Atlanta artist Tina Christina brings a simple, non-cluttered interpretation of the world around us to her work with oils and acrylics.  Her paintings reflect her affinity to large, open spaces – big skies… rolling fields… bodies of water.  Growing up in Roswell, Georgia, Tina Christina was always drawing landscapes of her surroundings.  

“I remember my father driving our family to church and passing vast fields of grass and sky.  I was in awe of the simple beauty of nature,” recalls Tina.

A natural artist, Tina worked as a make up artist for various companies throughout the years, until one day her mother encouraged her to paint.   Tina says, “My mother was always the driving force.”

After a trip to Yorkshire England and then to various parts of Italy, Tina was inspired.  Her first attempt at painting was a 20 foot wall in her parents’ basement in 1996.  Never looking back, she started painting on canvas for herself, friends, family, and now clients.

"My Views" is the first in a series of landscapes she is currently working on.

While Tina’s love of the sky, trees, and shadows is very apparent in her work, she is also driven by her clients’ personal interests.  Tina Christina has been commissioned to re-create churches, homes, vacation spots, and photos – including portraits.

Contact Tina Christina today to learn how she can create a unique gift for you or someone you love!

(770) 380-8370       |        tinapink1@gmail.com

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